Tips for Staying Connected with Elderly

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Keeping Seniors Connected with Family

As a leading provider of home care, Chandler families can trust, we know time is essential in connecting with your senior loved ones, especially those who you may not see on a regular basis. Still, a lack of time combined with generational gaps can unfortunately limit these connections. Sometimes, people simply don’t know how to connect to the seniors in their lives. Consider these easy tips to stay connected and strengthen your relationships.

Bring Out the Photo Album

Perusing old photo albums is a great way for you and your senior loved one to spend time together. It gives you an opportunity to learn more about your family history and to share fun stories about past events. If your senior loved one lives far away, make it a point to send school pictures, and photos of family gatherings and other occasions he or she may not be able to attend.

Share Your Skills

Everyone has unique skills to call their own. Finding a way to share these skills can strengthen the bond between you and your loved one. For example, your loved one might teach you how to sew, while you can in turn share your smart-phone skills. Such an exchange allows you to have much-needed quality time, learn new things about each other, and help keep your elderly relative mentally sharp.

Get Internet Savvy

More than half of all seniors now use the Internet on a regular basis. If you’re a regular on email and social media, invite your loved one to join as an additional method of connecting on a regular basis. Despite a busy schedule, a simple message during your lunch break can mean the world. You can also teach him or her how to use a video messaging service like Skype so he or she can have face-to-face conversations with other long-distance relatives.

Make it a Point to Call

Despite the various modes of technology that help us stay connected, nothing beats a traditional phone call. A surprise phone call is touching, but a regular phone-date is even better. You can also encourage grandchildren or nieces and nephews to hand-write letters and cards for an extra special touch.

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