5 Ways for Seniors to Stay Cool This Summer

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How Seniors Can Stay Cold in the Summer

The warm days of summer may have arrived, but that doesn’t mean your senior loved one needs to be resigned to days of sweltering heat. At Home Care Assistance of Chandler, our senior care experts have come up with some fun ways for your loved one to keep cool this summer.

1. Go to the aquarium

Sidestep the heat by bringing your loved one to check out underwater exhibits at the local aquarium. In addition to enjoying the cool air conditioning, according to recent studies, watching fish for twenty minutes may help decrease your loved one’s blood pressure and stress level. Other research also suggests that looking at the color blue, which is a popular shade in aquariums, can actually lower body temperature.

2. Keep hydrated

Loading up on high-potassium veggies, like mushrooms and brussels sprouts, as well as water-based fruits, including citrus, melons, and strawberries, can help your loved one feel cooler and protect him or her from becoming dehydrated. For an all-star combination of hydrating foods, ask your loved one’s hourly or 24-hour caregiver in Chandler to make a summery salad with bell pepper, cucumber, and celery, and to top it with chopped strawberries. Serve with a chilled glass of orange juice or coconut water, and your loved one will enjoy a delicious, hydrating meal.

3. Linger at the library

A library can be a bookworm’s haven from the heat. Most libraries crank the A/C during the summer, making perusing the aisles or reading in a nook a nice way to cool down. If your relative isn’t a big reader, some libraries provide a wide array of free, indoor activities including arts and crafts, concerts, discussion groups, classes, movies, and workshops.

4. Use cold water

Sometimes the best fixes for the summer heat are the easiest ones. This home remedy requires only cold water. Let your sink run until the water is quite cold, then, have your loved one hold his or her wrists under the running water. After ten seconds, your loved one will feel his or her body temperature drop. This decrease in body temperature can last for up to one hour. Alternately, you may simply take an ice cube and have your loved one hold it to his or her wrists, neck, or behind his or her ears.

5. Cool off at the community center

Community centers in most cities offer educational, recreational, fitness, and social activities, many of which are free to residents, or are discounted for senior citizens. In these centers, your senior loved one can avoid the sun and take advantage of air conditioning. Sign your loved one up for a monthly newsletter to keep informed of the center’s schedule, so your loved one can plan to go to the community center on days he or she knows there are interesting events.

When the summer rolls around many seniors are confined to their homes where fans or air-conditioning can keep them cool. If your loved one is tired of being stuck in the house, but you are nervous about him or her being alone and out-and-about in the heat, hiring an hourly caregiver in Chandler may be the solution. At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers can provide your loved one with transportation to places like the library or aquarium, as well as assistance with other daily tasks that can become difficult in the heat, like meal preparation and light housework. If you think your loved one would benefit from some help with routine tasks, especially during the summer weather, give a Care Manager a call at 480.448.6215 and schedule a free in-home consultation.


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