4 Older Adults Who Are Taking Advantage of Their Retirement Years

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Seniors with Right Retirement in Chandler, AZ

Though some seniors look forward to retirement as a time to sit back and let time pass them by, others take advantage of the extra time they have and focus on their health. Chandler, AZ, elder care professionals discuss the lives of 4 seniors who have remained active during their retirement years and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

1. Orville Rogers 

Rogers is a retired pilot who continues to run races at the age of 98. He became motivated to live a healthy life during retirement after he read the book Aerobics by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, and he loved the message in the book so much that he got up and ran that same day. Since then, Rogers has engaged in plenty of physical activity by running and doing other exercise routines. His motivation for running is to prevent Alzheimer’s and mental disabilities, which are known to accelerate during the retirement years. He continues to exercise his mind and muscles, and he never gives up.

2. Vivian Stancil 

After becoming the first blind teacher in the Long Beach California School system, Stancil continued to make history, becoming an award-winning senior Olympic swimmer. Her doctor told her she might not live past 60, due to her poor health, but she proved him wrong. Stancil made substantial changes to her daily habits, which included altering her diet and taking up competitive swimming. Now, Stancil is still swimming after retiring from teaching, and she even manages a nonprofit program where she and her husband give free swimming lessons to children and adults, including seniors. 

3. D. Paul Miller 

D. Paul Miller is a retired professor from Illinois Wesleyan University, but he refuses to sit idle at home. Instead, Miller is an active cyclist. Being physically fit and in good health during his senior years is what led to him to enter cycling races after retirement. Miller follows an exercise routine and remains committed to his health and cycling year after year. He plans to continue racing as long as he is physically up for the challenge. 

4. Larry Johnson 

During his retirement, Larry Johnson keeps himself busy by doing indoor cycling at least 3 times per week, in addition to upper-body workouts on alternate days. During the winter months, Johnson enjoys skiing in the mountains near his Albuquerque home for exercise and fun. He is 96 years old, and he continues to sign up for senior games and cycling events. Johnson retired from the ski patrol, and has continued to live a healthy and exciting life ever since.

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