4 Situations Many Dementia Caregivers Face in Hospitals

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Challenges Dementia Caregiver Face in Chandler, AZ

When it comes to senior home care, Chandler caregivers have a challenging job. The most common of these challenges involves prepping seniors for a trip to the hospital, especially for those with dementia. Here are a few situations dementia caregivers are likely to encounter when taking their loved ones in for a checkup or follow-up.

1. Handling Negative Behaviors

When a senior with dementia is in an unfamiliar place, it is common for negative behaviors to escalate. For example, roaming is a serious concern if your loved one becomes confused about where he or she is. Alternatively, seniors can get angry at a new doctor they do not recognize. The key is to provide seniors with comfort items in their room to make it feel more like their house.

2. Preventing Falls and Injuries

Dementia can cause problems with a senior’s vision and perception. Seniors may tend to underestimate the distance between their bed and the floor, or they may not be able to navigate through a small step in a doorway. The trick is to make sure seniors always have someone by their side when they walk in the hospital so a fall-related injury can be prevented.

3. Managing Miscommunications

Long-term hospital stays may involve shift changes with new staff constantly coming in to your loved one’s room. If your loved one has a serious health condition, make it a point to remind all specialists, interns, and additional physicians that your loved one has dementia. When speaking to hospital staff, always ask the staff to make a note that your loved one has dementia so they can assign their staff accordingly.

4. Providing Appropriate Pain Relief

A senior with dementia who is also in pain may not always be able to express it. Instead, he or she may act out with aggression, and hospital staff may respond by offering sedatives to keep him or her calm. Let the staff know if your loved one uses special cues for pain, such as pacing or tugging at his or her stomach. Knowing about these little clues can help the staff respond to the pain faster and with more appropriate strategies.

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