6 Easy Chair Exercises to Boost Senior Fitness

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Chair Exercises for Seniors

Seniors who follow a regular exercise regimen experience increased energy levels and decrease their risk of falling. However, seniors with injuries or other physical limitations may be hesitant to exercise. If that sounds like your senior loved one, encourage him or her to complete a series of exercises while seated in a chair. Chair exercises offer the benefits of traditional exercise, like strength and flexibility, without putting unnecessary strain on the body. Once your senior loved one’s physician gives the OK, Chandler senior home care experts suggest trying the following 6 moves.

1. Shoulder Rolls

Shrug shoulders up, rotate them back, then down and around front to complete one roll. Shoulder rolls are a simple way to help seniors strengthen the upper back, neck, and trap muscles, which will help prevent injuries when lifting items.

2. Glute Squeeze

For best results, hold each glute squeeze for several seconds before releasing. Gluteal muscles are necessary for normal activities such as walking and standing from a seated position, and strong glutes help seniors maintain proper posture and body alignment.

3. Knee Lifts

Slowly bring the right knee up to the chest, lower, and repeat on the left. Weak hip and quad muscles make sitting and standing difficult, and knee lifts are designed to strengthen these areas.

4. Tummy Twist

With arms forming a 90-degree angle (your loved one can squeeze a ball between the hands for an added challenge), rotate the upper body as far as possible to the right, back to the middle, and then to the left. The tummy twist uses repetitive motion to engage the abdominal muscles and build core strength. A strong core helps support the spine and helps seniors maintain their balance.

5. Leg Extensions

Extend the one leg out front, hold for a few seconds, and then repeat on the other side. The quadriceps muscles assist seniors in balance, walking, lifting, and bending. To do these things without injury, the quads need to be exercised on a regular basis.

6. Bicep Curl

The bicep is located on the front of the upper arm and can be strengthened by doing bicep curls. Most activities such as gardening or grocery shopping require strong biceps.

Seniors can continue to receive the benefits of strong muscles by simply following an exercise program from a comfortable seated position.

Ensure your senior loved one is getting enough regular physical activity with help from a trusted and professional part-time caregiver in Chandler. At Home Care Assistance, our caregivers are expertly trained to provide mobility assistance during exercises, assist with at-home physical therapy, encourage regular activity, cook healthy meals, and promote and overall healthy lifestyle. To learn more, call (480) 448-6215 and speak with an experienced Care Manager today.


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